SSAT-after language will





SSAT-after language will
It's been my first time studying with a roomfull of people at an academy. I was used to studying with a private tutor as I always did, and it was pretty nerve-recking and exciting. I was also worried that I might fall behind all the others, and that I would be so compared to everone. However, the 원장님was so funny and good at teaching, that I was able to study and concentrate well in class. The other teachers and TA's were very nice, too. Especially the 실장님 and 규빈 (johns hopkins). But I didn't really like 용가리. Why do some people think 용가리's handsome?!?! To me he is kind of a jerk 🙂 Anyways, I had a great time at Language Will and hope to be here next year again. If anyone is reading this, then don't laugh at me!